The most happening place recently, Skye, located at Menara BCA, 56 floor.. Finally I went there with some Food Bloggers (Foodventurer, The Hungry Doctor, The Gourmet Chic, Bitten For Food, Food Liberator, Buby Hungry, and Pinaapple).. This place belongs to Ismaya Group and made us curious for such a long time when we were blog-walking and read some stories about it, I read it first here.. So, without any plan, just in a day, we decided to go there and spoila! There we were! There are two ways to reach this place, you might go through to Menara BCA or just like what I did, through Gramedia Grand Indonesia.. The lift directly will send you to the 56 floor, and from the first you walk out from that lift, their wooden textures and warm light will guide you to the entrance door..

There are 4 girls standing at the entrance to welcome you and make sure about your age and clothes.. I do not know is there any people had the same experience like me, they asked for my ID card to check my age.. Yeah, thank God for this young baby face perhaps, maybe they thought I'm not 19 years old already.. Because as you might see there is a little announcement board at the entrance that will inform you, you only allowed to come in if you're minimum 19 years old and Fashionable.. Fashionable?

Then you will guided to the Lounge.. There are two areas, Resto or Lounge, for the weekend definitely people booked Resto area.. For Lounge, you might booked as well, we called them previously to ask about it.. Booked price range started from 1,5 million to 3,5 million.. Lounge area is outdoor, with sofa and mini pool, you might see the city view from here.. Resto is indoor area but you still get the city view through their wide and big window.. We want some fresh air so we took our seats near to the pool at Lounge area.. It was 4 O'clock in the evening, so we would had a chance to see the sunset, quite crowded that day, and lot of people wearing clothes just like they wanna go to the club or parties.. I'm not enjoying the atmosphere at all, too high class and too high maintenance.. Well, just did not suit my personality I guess..

Basically, there are 12 people of us, so we order different Drinks and Desserts to make it more various and cheaper rather than their Main Course.. The price range for their Drinks and Desserts started from 36K to 90K.. For the Main Course itself, started from 95K to 200K.. They also provide Beers and Wine, therefore you will see some foreign people hang out here.. So, let's check what we were ordered at Skye that evening..

 Baklava with Pineapple Sorbet - 50K

 Bread and Butter Pudding with Whiskey and Maple Ice Cream - 50K

Cranberry Carrot Cake - 50K
(The combination between cranberry, pecan, chocolate and carrot cake with goat cheese frosting and carrot ice cream)

 Lemon Almond Pudding - 45K
(Lemon and almond pudding with caramel popcorn and green tea ice cream)

White Chocolate Parfait - 50K
(White chocolate parfait, orange, guava and dehydrated mousse)

Pumpkin Cheesecake - 40K
(Pumpkin cheesecake with pumpkin seed brittle and ginger beer sorbet)

 Salted Caramel Tart - 45K
(Salted caramel tart with chocolate rum and raisin ice cream)

Cheech and Chong - 45K
(A smoky apple, olive, and lime drink with bubbles)

 Campfire Hot Chocolate - 45K

Bolivian Snow - 45K
(A mountain of decadent oreos, hazelnut, milk and whipped cream)

Purple Haze - 45K
(Blueberries, lychees, vanilla ice cream and milk)

Forget Me Not - 45K
(An unforgettable blend of lime, apple and raspberry)

The Dragon Tattoo - 45K
(Dragonfruit, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream)

 Dragon Tattoo and Forget Me Not

Yes, all of them were our orders.. Mine? The Salted Caramel Tart, it was a nice choice, because they were tried one by one and they said this Caramel Tart has the most makes sense taste and more friendly in our tongue rather than the others.. Unfortunately I did not had much time to tried their desserts because I wrote the name of the desserts in my phone.. The Salted Caramel Tart was sweet, soft textures for the tart and at the bottom was quite crunchy, with the Rum ice cream gave me more various taste.. I kinda like this one, but too bad the portion was too small, all of the desserts portion were so small, you might eat them for only 5 minutes.. 

I love the appearance of Pumpkin Cheesecake that belongs to Tikka.. It looked really nice and tempting in the photo, sweet and the yellow was perfect! For the Drinks, my favorite one was Forget Me Not, the combination between their soft blue and yellow just perfect to catch my eyes, but I did not know how it taste anyway..

All in all, I might say I'm not recommend Skye to you if you like healthy environment.. Just like me, I'm not comfortable being there for quite a long time, I'd rather keep myself busy with my phone, had a chat with my good friends and else.. The atmosphere was too unhealthy, lot of smokers, they order beers, I can even smell the flavor of their beers around me.. The smoke of their cigarettes, oh geez, I did not enjoyed anything, except for the feel of togetherness with my new friends from Food Bloggers..

The service as well I might said really disappointing.. They had 3 - 5 securities who looked like arrogant bodyguards and keep their eyes on customers, they stand beside our table, since we had the largest amount of people, 12.. The waiter did the same thing, once we ask one waiter to take a picture of us, he show his bad facial expression, he looks upset then he glanced into his watch, it was like a sign that tell me, "Come on, hurry up, I do not have much time for this shit." well, that was not my negative thinking.. As a person, you can feel it just by looking into someone's expression.. The way they treat you, you might not forget that kind of feeling easily, right? I read some Food Bloggers before also had the same disappointment due to their services.. Well, under a big name, great brand, but not with proper manner, too bad.. To me, the services of Skye definitely failed.. Well, just an honest opinion, maybe he was in a bad mood, which I do not care as well :)

If you like to hang out in a place like club, you like to drink beers and smoking, and if you like to be seen as a super rich people who love to party, I guess you might suit this place.. Lucky me, I'm not that type of person, therefore I just wait until sunset, then we moved out from that place.. The view was great, and I think that was the only thing that is great from Skye, The View from 56 Floor, do not expect you can enjoy the fresh air, no fresh air, only smoke.. So, if you have a plan to be there, choose your time wisely and be fashionable or you are not allowed to come in..

(Quote on their Menu Book)


I love the Salted Caramel Tart and Carrot Cake! Other than that, hm.. :D
sherlyngadimo said…
From what I knew, Skye is franchise from Singapore Marina Bay Sands..please correct me if I'm wrong.
I went there once with my super comfy short, tank top and flat shoes.. I didn't noticed any word "fashionable" hang on the main entrance.. but they do checked my ID because Skye is semi club.

The service was great, people were friendly (even the body guard LOL), quite crowded but boring because I can't really enjoyed the music(too noisy). Other than that, I have no complain..( I ordered whiskey with coke, no food).

It is understandable if they demand higher standard or even higher appearance manner due to their prestigious reputation.
Skye is simply not a place for everyone.

But I doubt Skye Indonesia, will last long as a business.. if they only rely their quality mainly on their great views and musics.
Miss Martana said…
Dear Prawnche: Yes indeed the Salted Caramel Tart was nice, gratefully I choose the right one I guess, LOL..

Dear Sherly: Yes, some of my friends had been there and they told me there was no announcement board that tell customer to be Fashionable at the entrance door, but Skye have it by now, we saw it there last weekend..

Yeah, I agree with you, Skye not for everyone, this Resto-Lounge is an exactly example for "judge a book by it's cover" they definitely are.. Some people may enjoy it, some people may not, a matter of choice :) Let's try another place, hahaha :D

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