Street Dance 2

Well, I just had a chance to watch this movie, Street Dance 2.. But, I kinda forgot, am I watched the first one? Never mind, this short-term memory lost, I get used to it ;) This movie started with a Popcorn Boy who just standing outside the dance stage, he watch one street dancer team named Invincible.. Just like the name, this group is unbeatable, and that is why the Leader of Invincible, Vince, is very very arrogant.. This Popcorn Boy try his luck into the stage and successfully shamed himself.. Ash (cast by Falk Hentschel) get very upset and angry, until Eddie came to him.. Eddie, an European boy ask him to make their own street dancer team.. Then the story move so fast into some countries in Europe, your eyes will spoiled by the angle and the view from Berlin, Rome, to Paris.. 

In my honest opinion, I felt the movie was too fast.. I did not enjoying the plot.. It was like watched some marathon movie.. Eddie took Ash to more than 6 cities in Europe to collect the street dancer.. They got Steph, Skorpion (well, what an unique name by the way), Bam-Bam (which at first I thought she was cast by Lady Gaga), Killa, Tino, Junior, Ali, Yoyo, Terrabyte (again, it was a cool name!) and the last one which the difficult one, Legend.. They came along to Paris with one mission: to beat Invincible at the Final Champion..

Eddie still needs one more, an inspiration.. Then they go to the Latin Club, both of them could not took their eyes away from Eva (cast by Sofia Boutella, already famous through her Nike Advertising, and yes, she is an Algerian-French dancer by her nature).. Her Latin face and her sexy movement, incredible if I might say.. Dance with a Stiletto! How many people on Earth could do that? 

Well, the story goes around and round.. Ash try to combine Latin and Street Dance.. 

This movie took 90 minutes for me to watched.. Kinda funny, I kinda enjoy the view of Paris, Eiffel Tower, their green park, I love it.. But for the whole movie? I might suggest you to (maybe) watch Step Up for a better choreography and plot.. Street Dance 2 was too fast for me, I did not find their friendship stories.. I even did not feel the bond between Ash and Eva.. Sofia's act really good, but I did not feel the same with Falk, his character as The Popcorn Boy, just plain.. The story was plain.. I even did not find any great quotes from that movie.. I usually collect good quote from any movies..

But, that was just my opinion.. Movie is about personal taste, people might have different perception.. Right? :)


Anonymous said…
How can an Algerian woman have a latin face? It doesn't make sense -_-

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