Kyo-dai Ramen!

24 September 2012~

Another day to start some culinary journey and there I was with OpenRice crew for the Gathering at Kyo-dai Ramen, located in Boulevard, Kelapa Gading.. It is near to La Piazza, you might just across the street to get to the La Piazza.. The most interesting part of Kyo-dai Ramen is their opening hours, they separated in two times.. They have break for around 3 to 4 hours, from 2:30 to the evening.. When I had a chance to meet the Owner, let's call him Mr. K, he told me about their time to make the broth, they spend almost 5 hours to make it done.. No wonder why the taste were so delicious! 5 hours to make the pork broth, and another 3 to 4 hours to make the chicken broth.. Mr. K also gave me a chance to take a look their fresh ingredients such as their Japanese Nori and Yakibuta.. All of them are directly from Japan! 

 Chicken Karaage - 25K

Not much that I can say about this Chicken Karaage, since I haven't tried it yet, well, because I put my excitement with the various Ramen, so I keep focus on it, at the end, all of these Chicken Karaage just disappeared from my sight.. But I might say the size for these Karaage were huge, if I might compared to some similar tenant..

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

And this was for me, with the Large size, believe me it was huge! I am so excited and enjoyed this much! Rich, creamy pork bone broth served with homemade Hakata noodles that are thin and firm.. Topped with a special black garlic oil, bamboo shots, slices of melt-in-your-mouth Yakibuta and Kyo-dai's signature Tamago. 45.000 for the Large bowl, it was really huge and really yummy! I love the broth and their Ramen.. Oh, another thing, they made the egg taste so different using brewing sauce and some ingredients.. This one, very recommended!

 Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (Spicy)

This was the same menu with mine, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen, the difference was in their broth, it was contained chilli, and much spicy rather than the original version (mine).. 

 Yasai Ramen (Halal)

It was created with the vegetable lover in mind. A generous portion of Japanese Yasai (carrot, cabbage, onions, corn, and bamboo shoots), cooked in chef's special blend of dashi, mirin and Japanese shoyu.. Served with a light chicken / fish based broth..

Tori-o Chicken (New Menu Launch)

Mr. K was too kind to be true! He made this special for us, this is supposed to be their new menu (they even didn't have this Ramen at their menu books!).. He wanted us to taste it first before he launch this Tori-o Chicken, well I guess now they already sell it for public.. Unfortunately, again I missed my chance to taste this very special one, hmmpph..

There are lot of another menu, such as Curry Don, Katsu Don, Edamame, Gyoza, Yakibuta and else, too bad I couldn't had all of their photos..

Oh, and here are the pictures from their kitchen.. They have their own rules, even for each table, they have to make sure the number of the tissues and spoon are exactly like what they have been told.. Never doubt the quality of their ingredients, definitely fresh and imported from Japan.. One thing, the kitchen! Definitely cool! So, we went to their kitchen and took some pictures.. What I can say, their kitchen are soooooooooooooooo clean! Each machine still new and super clean..


They have their own procedures to make these delicious Ramen.. They already separated the ingredients into some bowls and stacked these bowls together.. It was really nice to be there, the staff were so friendly, just like what Mr. K did to us, he also gave us Free Voucher to dine at Kyo-dai Ramen.. I got two vouchers, and definitely I will be back to this place and eat those delicious Ramen! Itadakimasu! For more info about the location of Kyo-dai Ramen, you might take a look: here.. Enjoy Kyo-dai Ramen!


Cend Woo said…
hmmm .. yummy posttttt
Miss Martana said…
YES, it is as yummy as it looks, you should tryyyy! :D
Mamana Clo said…
Blom lama ini nyoba Kyo-dai ramen.. bener, enakkkk... telor-nya ga secantik bikinan ikkousha tapi ga masalah toh langsung gw bleppp hahhaa..

pas kemaren gw dateng sendok kuahnya cuma ada satu jadi panggil waiter minta tambahan sendok karena kita dateng berdua. Defaultnya 1 meja cuma 1 sendok kali ya?
Miss Martana said…
Hi Mamana Clo :D

Iya, dan Kyodai ada membership card seharga 50.000, tiap bulan bisa gratis makan Ramen *nyummmm*

Wajibnya sih di setiap meja ada 4-8 sendok yah, mungkin waiternya skip waktu itu :D (jadi laper)

Ms. Martana, thank you for your kind comments. Nice to meet fellow foodie. How do I keep in touch with your post? I don't see subscriptions.
Miss Martana said…
Voila, thank youuu for leaving a comment here :) I'm still an amateur in foodie blogs. I already make a subscriptions box on the right side of my blog. If you don't mind, I'll add your blog for my blogroll.

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