Holiday Getaway at Bangkok, Thailand~

It was simply a nice and fun holiday for me at Bangkok, from 25 - 29 October 2012, and I might say that I still feel not enough and I want more! My trip just 5 days and 4 night, stayed at Tune Hotels, located in Asoke (or Shukumvit, was more familiar) and near to the Terminal 21, we just have to across the bridge.. Terminal 21 itself is a big and great mall, they use countries concept inside the mall, name it from Istanbul, Los Angeles, London, and else.. And guess what? The toilet inside the Terminal 21 is really unique and creative, they provide the newest toilet machine where you can control the heat of the water, and the dryer machine so you don't need a tissue, ha! When I got there, there was a One Piece exhibition at Terminal 21, and some people dress like the character from that cartoon, it was fun to watch them looks alive..

Well, before I go too far, let me write all the list from my trip since day 1 to day 5..

Day 1: Suvarnabhumi Airport - Tune Hotels - Grand Palace - Wat Arun - ChinaTown - Terminal 21..

Let's call the day as my "Get a Lost" of the day.. From the airport to the hotel was quite fast, we took the BTS, insert the coin to get BTS coin, the station was so clean and really really different with Jakarta *sigh* how I wish TransJakarta can get fixed at least as clean as their BTS station.. Sign board were really helping us a lot during our trip, complete! From the route, and the cost to each station were there, all you need to do: just read and go, or simply ask the officers, they can speak English very well though.. 

Unfortunately we did not had a chance to get into the Grand Palace, because they already closed.. The funniest moment when we took a boat to get there, around 20 minutes and we can see the view for high buildings and sea-side resto..

Day 2: Siam Park City..

Another day to explore.. There were 3 zone at Siam Park City: Water, Family, or X Zone.. X Zone was more to some extremes games.. We cost 900 Baht to get the whole zone.. I just play one game at the X Zone, well, I suggest you guys to try them all, it might be fun I guess.. They also had some haunted house.. It scares me enough, though in some ways I did not open my eyes to see, haha! They had a Dinotopia museum, you can see all types of dinosaur inside.. Siam Park was really huge and they had lot of fun things, even their park, full of flowers and nice to be there for awhile before we continue the trip.. 

But unfortunately if you want to play at the Water Zone, you have to wear swimsuit, they're not allow people to use tank top, and it happened to me.. I have to take off my tank top.. All of sudden, at that time, I do remember Waterbom allowed me to use tank top.. A day at Siam Park City, we close it with another vehicle to see sunset from above.. Simply beautiful..

Day 3: Chatuchak Market!

And why do I put an exclamation mark for this? Because that was the first day I did actually (finally) feel that I was in Bangkok, and extremely excited to explore the market.. Chatuchak market only open at Saturday and Sunday, that's why I didn't want to waste any second when I was there.. But from what I can say, man clothing at Chatuchak were better than woman.. I do more excited and interested with man shirts and else.. They had some art and ethnic area to find some crafts.. Even for some leather bag, they had a really good quality, you might find it at the second stores..

There are lot of unique stores inside the Chatuchak.. I was totally had fun during the day, there are lot of snacks and drinks as well.. Shop and eat, woohoow! You might find bubble drink, sweet ice, or even meat to fill your stomach.. There was one area with trees and seats along the way, it just simply nice for me, the stores were so full besides me, but they still had a special space to maintain the environment.. Lovely place to shop! I find myself not satisfy with only one time at Chatuchak, so we went there again at the next day.. Well, honestly because on Sunday, I did not find anything interesting at Pratunam so we moved to Chatuchak (again).. I just feel happier at Chatuchak, haha! I love the ambiance and the spirit of people who shop a lot at Chatuchak.. This day, we spent it with night market as well, at Siam and else.. Shop, and shop!

Day 4: Chatuchak (revisit) - Siam Paragon - MBK.. 

As I said before this, yes I spent my time at the morning and afternoon at Pratunam, but I only find 2-3 clothes, so we moved to Chatuchak, horray! If I might suggest you, it will be very helpful if you go to Chatuchak with backpack.. Or, if you want to spend lot of money to shop here, you better bring your suitcase :) 

Siam Paragon, just an ordinary mall for me, same with the MBK.. I don't know why, but I like Terminal 21 better than both Siam and MBK.. Maybe it just about the decoration and concept.. 

Day 5: Shuvit Garden..

That was the most annoying day for me, why? Because I didn't want to go home! We ate our breakfast, then take a walk to Shuvit Garden.. It was a super beautiful garden, homey and very calming.. I want to go there again! Green grass all along the way! So refreshing and nice.. I don't want to go home, yet I know I have to.. I miss Bangkok already when we took a taxi to airport.. Sigh..


- Always bring your camera everywhere you go, you might need it to capture some best moment or culinary thing..

- Just be careful at the Grand Palace area, there are lot of people who offer you some ridiculous thing, such as: they wanna take you to Wat Arun but you know exactly it already closed..

- Try Pad Thai and Tom Yum during your trip.. I haven't try their Mango Sticky Rice, we didn't find it.. Hopefully next time when I get back there..

- Bring your slippers, it helps, a lot..

- Do not hesitate to buy things that you like all along the journey, you might missed it once you try to find it again..

- Try their Foot Massage or Thai Massage..

- Improve your skill in Thai language, you might get discount when you shop.. Or, if you are lucky enough to have a similar face with their people, you will get discount as well, trust me..

- Definitely you have to go to CHATUCHAK, that's all I can say! :D

If I remember anything, I will add it to this post.. Later on, let me write about their culinary thing.. At this time, this is all I can write for now, I gotta go.. So, prepare your tickets to Bangkok, I will be very happy to go there again..

"Travel while you have the time and while you can have your favorite travel companion by your side."


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