Hotti-Kultura World Diners

Yesterday I've got an invitation from Hotti-Kultura World Diners, thank you Mr. Stevans for your email.. Almost 5 o'clock in the evening I finally reached there, located at Cipete Raya no. 15 C, as a person who really really difficult to remember the map, I went there quite easily, because they're at the main street and I saw the sign board, there you go! At first step when I entered Hotti-Kultura, I was impressed by the wood materials that they put as the decoration and interior.. Some unique lamps made by wood get my attention.. The place was lovely, I did not need much time to feel comfortable in a minute.. Get my seat and their staff give me the menu, Mr. Stevans was there and we took some time to talked about the place and else, all of the waiters are so friendly and nice, you can feel it by the way they treat you..

I asked the waiter, what would he recommend for me, then he told me about Lychee Punch, a combination with mostly Lychee and blended with milk together, just like Smoothies.. Okay, I ordered one.. Then thinking about to have some Light Snack, my eyes keep staring at the name "Chicano Nachos" well, the name got my attention as well.. Nachos, but what is Chicano? Let me try it, agree?

Lychee Punch, just like as the explanation from the waiter, yes it contained Lychee, a slice of Lychee looks nice at the glass.. I might tell that the texture was smooth, it tasted like a healthy juice, I can chew some small Lychee, sweet.. The smell of milk was not too strong, because the Lychee are stronger and bigger portion maybe.. 

Chicano Nachos, arrived at the table beautifully.. Melted cheese, the minced beef, some sauce, and tomatoes.. I liked the topping, the minced beef and cheese was fine, the tomatoes made it a little bit juicy.. I told to the owner, Mrs. Mantha, it would be great if the nachos taste more crispy, because the topping was good already.. 

Different orders from Angela, she ordered Ice Bubblegum Tea.. Yess right, she loveeee bubble drink, yeah that's why, makes sense for me, hahaha.. I kinda curious though.. I tried this one, and I liked it more than my own Lychee Punch, yeah sometime the neighbor's grass looked more green than yours, right? There are lot of jelly at the bottom of this glass-looked-like-a-bottle drink.. And that jelly tasted like a gum, nice and I liked the flavor, it smells really good in a mouth, nom nom nom..

Another Angela's menu, Fried Fermented Casava.. I tasted it, and it was like a banana.. Sweet, with some grated cheese at the top and chocolate sauce.. Looked delicious as a Light Snack..

And here's the winner of that day! Lychee Berry! This one belongs to Andi, and I liked it so much! So fresh, with soda and the taste of berry, common berries usually quite sour, but this one I might say tasted better, the sweetness was great.. I did not chew the berry, but as I can see it looks fresh outside, just as it tasted! The price range from Hotti-Kultura, for drinks it started from 23K for the variety of Coffee, they also provide soft drinks and beers..

You might try their Rice-bowl, I guess that was their speciality dish, because "Ricebowl" used as their wi-fi password.. They also had various type of package, starts from Breakfast Menu with the choice of eggs, pancake, waffle, and else.. Main course from American Steak, Beef Medallion with Tamarind Sauce, Fish & Chips, or Foccacia Sandwich.. From the Desserts, they also have Fruits Platter, Coffee Jelly with Ice Cream and else.. I had a chance to meet their Chef, and I asked him what was the recommended menu for me.. Then he answered, "All of them!" aha, yes right, he's the Chef! 

All in all, I enjoyed my time at Hotti-Kultura World Diners.. I spent more than 3 hours together with the owner and manager.. I took some time to take a look their indoor, nice and cozy with sofa and television.. They also had a book corner, which I think it would be my fave spot if I come back there.. There are lot of books, dictionaries from all countries, from Thailand, India, Turkey, you name it! Nice spot! Thank you for invite me, for the vouchers and great stories, yeay! It was a great evening snack!


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