Seven Something

Here's the story about the Thailand Movie that I watched last night, Seven Something.. I already know this movie since last month because of their promotion through banner and else, and I got curious since then, but never try to Google or read the synopsis of this movie.. Then because I knew I would watch the movie, I read the synopsis first, the only thing that I know was: there are three stories in one movie, that's all.. I though it would be like a "Valentine's Day" movie or maybe "L.O.V.E" in Indonesia..

The movie divided into three sections based on age.. Because there is a nature law that said, in every 7 years, there will be something happen in your life.. So, it means when you're at age 14, 21, 28, yes continue counts.. The first story "14" directed by Paween Purijitpanya (the director of Thailand Movie Horror, Phobia 2), the story begins with a boy named Puan (cast by Jirayu La-Ongmanee, who I already knew from his previous movie: SuckSeed) and a girl named "Milk" (cast by Sutatta Udomsilp, she was played as a supporting actress in LaddaLand)..

This couple has a relationship, started because of Puan's interest into any kind of his Social Media, from Facebook, Path, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, and lot of chat engine in Thailand, you named it! He made Milk becoming his model in videos, photos, every activities that they're doing, Puan always capture it all and transfer it into some romantic videos or creative photo-slide.. I might say I'm impress with his skill (yet I know he was helped by all those Apple product).. The way he edited the video, the flare-lens in his camera, he made Lomo effects, Sephia, you nameeee it, he has it all.. Creativity + high quality gadgets.. 

Then the problems came up because of his own ambition with the number of Like button hit his YouTube account regarding to the Video he made for Milk.. The video was romantic, nice and definitely people gonna like it when they see it.. But, how about Milk's feeling? Got too much publication in every single things they did together.. Someone said to me, "All that 'too much' is not good." well yes it applicable into this story.. Puan got his lesson of his life at his 14 years old, losing someone special just because of his ambition to get people's like button and else.. I did see this as a lesson as well, I had this kind of experience when you 'speak' too much in Social Media, you'll get problem, miscommunication and just lead you into some stupid thing.. Sometimes, it will be wise enough to keep things just for yourself, keep it private and save it just in your heart, no need to expose them, because people outside did not really that care to you, they just, curious, about what is happening to you, when you got problem, you're on your own, alone..

Then we got the second story, "21/28" so it means there are 2 different ages.. This story directed by Adisorn Tresirikasem (He directed BTS - Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story).. Begins with a nice time plot, where this couple at their 28 years old, a woman named Mam (cast by Cris Horwang) was a big actress at her 21 age, because she played in a movie 'Sea You Again' with Jon (cast by Sunny Suwanmethanont).. Mam trying so hard to find Jon, because the sequel of Sea You Again is getting started.. Jon has already works in a place like Seaworld, he dive and give food to all kind of fish down there, beautiful and breath-taking underwater view.. I read the synopsis about this story, but I expect totally nothing before, in fact, I thought this one would be boring or else.. The director was really brilliant, he made the time going back and forth, from the present to past, from past to present, cool..! Then I know, at their 21 ages, they just ordinary people, had casting for the movie together as a couple, until they fall in love.. 

Problems came up when the popularity hit them both.. Mam loves popularity, she loves being a superstar and it lead them into the biggest problems with their relationship.. It happened 7 years ago, and now when they're at 28 years old, Mam keep force Jon to accompany her as a couple for the sequel.. Jon never say "No", but he never say "Yes" as well, he just silent.. Until we got the point why he did that.. I have to admit that I felt like I got a punch on my face when I read the text on that big screen, "The reason why I don't want to play in that movie again, because.. Because of that movie, I met you.. I saw you.. I knew you.. Love you.. Lose you.. Then, hate you.. I don't want to play in that movie again, because I don't want to fall in love with you again.." DHUAR! Felt like the entire body got shaken up in a second when I read those lines! I know how it feels.. Avoid things, try to run from some things just to make sure that you don't fall into the same hole again.. Afraid of fall in love with the same person again, because you're afraid of getting hurt for the same reason again.. The story of Mam and Jon was my favorite.. Popularity, money, being a star, those are nothing when you have no love in your life..

Third story! "42.195" was the title of this one.. I did not understand the meaning of 195 at the title.. Directed by a nominee winner director, Jira Maligool (he directed The Tin Mine), this story was about a woman at her age, 42, without any name in this movie, quite different and interesting, during the whole story you wouldn't found her name.. She (cast by Suquan Bulakul) just had a big lost, her husband just passed away.. Then she met Finisher 1988 (cast by Nichkhun, yes, he is one of the 2PM personel, Korea Boy-Band, yet he is from Thailand).. This young man, age 24, and a woman age 42, you can tell they were getting closer and there was a sincere love between them.. But she felt guilty because she felt like she betrayed her husband.. What made them getting closer? Marathon! They had jogging session every day to conquer Yearly Marathon, 6 hours run, track by track, feel burn in your feet, challenge their selves to conquer their own problems, because, once when you had run so much, you are not the same person like before.. What I can say from this story is about the fight for yourself, your goal, struggle with your busy mind and conquer them.. 

Those three stories in a night, fiuhh! We'd felt like just watched 3 DVD marathon, but I'm glad we pick the right movie.. Each story give you different lesson, and don't forget with their jokes, I laughed easily with Thailand movie, funny! But I might say, the portion of silent is bigger than the portion to laugh, you will think, think, and think, and your emotion played a lot during the movie.. Nice movie! I do recommend you guys to watch Seven Something, and hey, how old are you now? Maybe you will experience something big this year? Because in every 7 years, something happens in your life :)


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