Mandarin Oriental and Thailand Tourism Board Collaboration

Special thanks I would like to say to Mandarin Oriental Jakarta and Thailand Tourism Board, especially Malinda and Valencia who really helped me a lot. I won a Cooking Class gift at April 2013, it was the first contest that had been arranged from Mandarin Oriental Jakarta and Thailand Tourism Board. Consider myself lucky because actually I lose for the Likes number during the contest through Facebook, but the judges voted and declare me as a winner, surprise surprise! Then, both parties arrange my flight on September, another surprise because my birthday was on September. The luckiest person on earth, yes?

We got a Superior Room with Chao Phraya River view and it was really a pleasant services from Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. They wait for us at the arrival gate with a chauffeur-limo-driven was there and the MO representative ready to picked us up. I will not forget my lucky number, 07734 for the gift certificate. Two days were our free activities, went to several places before the Cooking Class (our main purpose for this trip). Intrigued by the view from Mandarin Oriental, we had the breakfast aside from Chao Phraya river. 

The most interesting part was when the Cooking Class, there were four of us, me, Leo, and Kimiko-san. Two Japanese ladies, it was their second time to had a Cooking Class there but with different instructor. Chef Narain Kiattiyotcharoen became our instructor on that day, he was really friendly and kind-hearted. I remember he often saying, “The smaller, the cuter.”

There were 4 menu that we made on that afternoon, Black Sticky Rice with Egg Custard, Tapioca Balls with Pork Filling, Green Curry of Chicken & Eggplants, and Stir-fried Clams with Roasted Chilli Paste. We also had a chance to met Mr. Nithee Seeprae, the Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand. He told us about this first contest they made with Mandarin Oriental and we were the first winner.

It was unforgettable Cooking Class I ever had so far, across country to learn to cook Top Thai Signature Dishes. Amazing place with amazing new people. Journeys are made by the people you travel with. Take a look more details about the Cooking Class here: How To Cook Thailand Cuisine.

All of these photos were captured by Leo.  

So that was all for my September 2013. Lot of surprises, lot of things happened. See you soon, September 2014.


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