Second Sweet Escape to Bangkok

This was my second time to Bangkok, and I took it as a birthday gift from Mandarin Oriental Jakarta and Thailand Tourism Board. Apparently I still remember when I’ve got the email from Malinda who informed me as a winner for Cooking Class to Bangkok. Unbelievable, yes. How to spend 3 days 2 nights at Bangkok? Here I tell you guys. 

Day 1 – Asiatique The Riverfront

One of my colleague, Dita, already told me to go to Asiatique, since the place is quite near with Mandarin Oriental Bangkok where me and my partner stayed. We just have to across the Chao Phraya river with the shuttle boat, it took only 3 minutes and voila, you’ll get there! Asiatique was build on 2012, it was a right decision for us to go there and seeing lot of shopping stores, dining places, Kabaret show, and enjoying the big windmill, it was big, bright and beautiful! 

Asiatique divided into 4 districts: Charoenkrung District, Town Square District, Factory District, and Waterfront District. It contains with more than 1500 shopping stores which you can find your treasure as backpack, T-shirts, and many more. The dining spots also cute for some small and simple cafes like drink stations, yoghurt, coffee shop or tea house. Not only cafes, Asiatique also provides you with several beautiful fine dining places, hip zone, pub, and riverfront international food. Is there any place can be more beautiful than a dinner aside from Chao Phraya river?

Day 2 – Chatuchak Market

Should I name this part with additional ‘revisit’ Chatuchak? It was my third time to be there and still bring me the same euphoria. Excited, enthusiastic, really good to be there and find lot of clothes! But, the problem for me when I see something that I like, I took quite some time to think and try to avoid to buy. Ha! Therefore, I didn’t bought lot of clothes, probably next year I can go there and buy more, more, and more, Amen?

But we couldn't resist the temptation of their Hawker Food, whoa lot of delicious street foods!

One thing that was quite confusing from Chatuchak is their section-direction, there are 27 sections, no wonder if you get lost easily. Thankfully, my travel partner is a person who have strong skill with mind-maping, even-thou’ we were get lost for several times, we finally found what we’re looking for, the section 3! It was the most comfortable sections with trees, wooden chairs along the way, some beautiful, hipster and creative stores, you can admire the design and the ambiance. I notice the differences within a year, Chatuchak now using more wood element and specific fragrance, you can smell it especially if you get inside to an exclusive boutique. Tips from me if you go to Chatuchak, try to find the leather store, they usually have a glass rolling door and a very comfortable area inside. You may buy the leather case for your passport, notebook, or else. It was quite affordable and worth it. I bought one leather case for my passport, green pastel with my name engraved on it, horray!  

Day 3 – Siam Ocean World

This super-blue-ocean place located on levels B1-B2 of Siam Paragon, in the heart of Bangkok. Definitely easily accessible by BTS sky train, or any vehicle. Currently, they also had some promo with the combination of Entrance Ticket and Diving Course. It cost from 1200 – 1500 Baht, depends on the package that you choose. At first, I found myself interested to go to the Ocean World because I watched Thai Movie "Seven Something" and Ocean World looked so beautiful in that movie. But after we went there, we didn’t get inside. Took some photos with the big fish in the gate, I felt happy enough. Look at this Penguin! This one was quite aggressive to hug! Funny!


1.    If you stayed at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, you have to go to Sirocco, at the State Tower. You just walk and turn right, the location is quite near. You will have a very beautiful dinner from 63th floor, also known as the world’s highest al-fresco restaurant, will be stunning and amazing. Unfortunately we didn’t go there due my feet was in pain. And now I regret it so much, why don’t I just push harder my feet to keep going? The view will be worth the pain, I guess, yes?

2.   If you go to Asiatique, you might want to try the windmill, it cost 250 Baht to go up there. The view will be hilarious, the flash light also incredible, make sure to try.

3.   No need to bring much clothes, hahaha! Been twice went to Bangkok and I still feel not enough. You may want to read my another post from last year here: Holiday Getaway at Bangkok, Thailand. And another post about the Cooking Class with Mandarin Oriental Cooking School here: Mandarin Oriental and Thailand Tourism Board Collaboration

-All photos courtesy by Leo-


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