5 Reasons Why Beagle Is The Perfect Dog

Beagle. It seems like a perfect dog type for me, well, at least that was what I thought before I went to Bali. Lot of things always excites me about Bali, and being able to see and play around with the Beagle is just another reason to add. Thank you Pretty Turang for bring me to these cute Beagle puppies in Bali which belongs to Flora. Thank you, both!

From left to right: Yuki, Gojira, Akira, Suki, Aya.

I have seen them from Instagram and really couldn't wait to go to Bali to see them all! That picture was taken around September, they look adorable! As far as I know, The Beagle is a breed of small to medium-sized dog. A member of the hound group, it is also quite similar in appearance to the foxhound, but smaller with shorter legs and longer-softer ears! There are lot of reasons why Beagle is a perfect dog to be loved. They have great characters and temperament as an excitable breed, determined, intelligent, and gentle. What can you ask for more? Here's 5 reasons why Beagle is so adorable and perfect for me...
Maximus Mexicola, he is The Beagle Papa of all. His face is so calm and sleepy.

First: They love to play. From the first time I arrived at Flora's home, these five little Beagle(s) were so excited! Either they want to play with new people they just met, or just even to bite around their siblings. It was fun to watch anyway!

 Fighting their own siblings probably the most fun battle after all.

 Or playing to get something and rip it off.... Err...

Second: They are friendly. Me and Rachel are definitely new people to them, but they were so careless and free, happily greeting us with their big ears and fluffy tails. I just can't bear how cute their smile and it was contagious within a second!

I played with Aya, the most friendly one amongst all, she just too adorable!

Third: They are photogenic, haha! No matter what angle, what they do, they just look perfectly fit into the camera. You can see the most photogenic photos of them at Instagram @florakennel

This is Aya. If you can see closer, look at how thick her eyelashes, gorgeous!

Fourth: They love to hug, lick and kiss. Try to hug them tight and they will reciprocate you the same feeling. When you love them, you can easily feel loved back right away in the same amount. Overload cuteness!

 I can tell that she was smiling.

Look at how big this eaarrrrr!

Fifth: Even they have strong bones and muscles, they are very soft and fluffy! Beagle mostly will grow until 15 years old maximum and reach their weight around 9 - 10 kg for female adult, and 10 - 11 kg for male adult. So, can you imagine how big their muscles and bones? I was seeing Max and he is so big but really hug-able! His muscles are great, but then I touched his fur, so soft. Whooa!

 The puppy bones will getting bigger, right?

 Smile smile smile..

 Max wishing you Merry Christmas!

I am really happy with The Beagle(s)! Thank you Rachel for the documentation.


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